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NOW!... introducing "Hot Conference" Conference Rooms" to our visitors! A Unique new way to communicate on the web.  Do you have an on-line biz that is visual in nature? For Example, do you sell crafts, gifts or other kinds of products?... Do you teach or demonstrate a craft or skill?... or perhaps you have a direct marketing biz selling candles, cookery, scrapbook supplies. Are you a Realtor or do you have a biz that requires you to meet with members of your business, then "Hot Conference" Conference Rooms are for you. "Hot Conference" Conference Rooms are a fresh new way to bring your biz and products to those folks who are interested in what you offer.

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"Hot Conference" Conference Rooms are not only for Biz though!.. It's versatility lends itself to social and family fun!... Does Grandma and Grandpa and/or aunts and uncles live far away?... Now you can share a birthday party, family get-together in real time.  You can share photos, your child's drawings, your favorite recipes while at the same time you can chat with family members..

  • on-line parties

  • craft and skill demonstrations

  • on-line crafts boutiques

  • photography

  • Realtors

  • on-line auctions


  • birthday parties

  • share photos

  • family get-togethers

  • recipes

  • pics of your vacation

  • chit chat

  • baby showers

The ideas are endless!

We are going to be offering two very special niche Home Biz Profit$ "Niche Web Shops" covering:

Newbie Internet Marketing - The A B C's of Internet Marketing.. The basics you need to know to get you on the Fast Track to a moneymaking website!

How To Sell Your Products Through On-line Parties -
Home Parties are now offered 21 century style!... on-line of course.

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You can download your conference room right here! and try it out before our scheduled chats!... Home Biz Profit$ Conference Is Virus Free and a simple file download!

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